New information platform for bathroom design through demographic change

Frankfurt am Main, 21st March 2013. The Blue Responsibility initiative have placed their new internet service online in the framework of the ISH Frankfurt. The consumer friendly information platform provides useful information about bathroom design through demographic change.

Knowing what is important
Each year, life expectancy of people in Germany rises by an average of three months. Compared to our grandparents, our lifetime has already in-creased by more than a third. But that is not all: Quality of life is increasing as well. More and more people remain fit well into old age and want to lead independent lives. The prerequisite for this is a design that adapts to the changed requirements, creating new possibilities and combining lifestyle with functionality. In the bathroom as well. The information page shows how to achieve this.

Plan today – enjoy for a lifetime
A bathroom that is planned today will probably be used for 20 years. This makes it even more important to think ahead and plan for the long term. For modern bathrooms should correspond to the current habits of the users as well as live up to requirements of later stages of life.

Attractive and functional – changing bathrooms
Good bathroom design is therefore not an end in itself. The design of the bathroom should rather satisfy our needs in every stage of life: The desire for style as well as the necessity of well thought-out and clever functions.

The information platform asks the right questions and provides answers:

  • How can bathrooms be designed – from sink to colour scheme – to ensure that even small details are a great help?
  • What are the important points to note for planning and layout?
  • Which new innovative concepts are there?
  • And how can functionality be implemented in a design that will be at-tractive today as well as 20 years from now?

Information with a few clicks
In seven clearly structured menu items, presents background information, facts and knowledge about age-appropriate bath-room design. Architecture points the way to a new way of thinking: Away from a deficit model and accessibility and towards lifestyle living. Planning provides information about all aspects that have to be taken into account today so the bathroom will still be suitable tomorrow. Vision takes a look at the future: What will be technically possible tomorrow? What does the bath-room 2.0 look like?

Contacts is an information service by “Blue Responsibility”, an initiative of renowned sanitaryware manufacturers who are committed to sustainable and multi-generation sanitaryware solutions. The IndustrieForum Sanitär (IFS) and the VDMA trade association for sanitary fittings are the responsible bodies for the initiative.

Another information service centred around the topic of drinking water can be found at

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