Ergonomics and safety in the bathroom

Ergonomics and safety play an important role, ensuring that people remain health and feel good. In particular, with regard to demographic changes, the matter is taking on greater relevance – including in the bathroom. The German sanitary industry offers a myriad of solutions that ensure that the bathroom can be used safely and comfortably at any time of life.



Seemingly identical: Illegal counterfeits

The damage to the national economy in Germany through counterfeit products is estimated to be around EUR 50 billion. Jobs are lost and sales losses present companies with huge challenges. At the same time, consumers are faced with lack of quality, wear and tear and even health risks. The entire German sanitary ware industry is committed to quality products, environmentally-friendly production and fair employee management In the fight against product counterfeiting.



The bathroom – a feel-good place for body and mind

The trends towards individualisation and an increasing awareness of health require innovative and holistic bathroom concepts combining an attractive product design and intuitive functionality. It is only this seamless combination that creates a pleasant feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom. The quality manufacturers involved in the Blue Responsibility initiative offer a wide range of sustainable product solutions that optimise user-friendliness and benefit the bathroom design.



Innovative bath solutions for recuperation

In Germany the bathroom is increasingly becoming a place of relaxation and recuperation. A spa room in your own home increases the quality of life. When planning a bathroom its functionality is not the only focus, rather the wellness aspects and the smart design are also significant factors. The quality manufacturers of the Blue Responsibility initiative are acquainted with the spa mechanisms that promote health.



Innovative fittings ensure a relaxed shower experience at home

Design and comfort play an increasingly important role in selecting the right shower mixer - especially in the private sector. One very popular example are rainfall showers with a wellness feeling. The German sanitation industry is continually developing innovative shower solutions that combine comfort with sustainability and are aware of the essential items that must be taken into consideration in the planning process.



Floor level showers in existing bathrooms

Frankfurt/Main, 1st October 2013. Floor level showers are the latest trend. One reason is their attractive design and they also allow an effortless shower experience for everyone from children to older people. But how can an old shower be replaced by a barrier free alternative without renovating the entire bathroom? The brand manufacturers from the Blue Responsibility Initiative present solutions for any installation situation.



Day of the Bathroom: Trends for multi-generational living

Frankfurt/Main, 11th September 2013.The Day of the Bathroom will be taking place on 14 September 2013. Bathroom exhibitions across Germany will be inviting customers to discover new bathroom worlds with the theme “Fall in love with your bathroom”. The focus will be on the topic of bathroom design through demographic change.



A relaxing bath: Men relax, women are active

Frankfurt am Main, 14th June 2013. As in many areas of life, men and women also show different behaviour when taking a bath. While 41 per cent of men relax in the bath by doing nothing, 82 per cent of women use the time in the tub for beauty rituals and other activities. Listening to music is popular with both sexes.



Holistic health as an aspect of social sustainability

Frankfurt am Main, 8th June 2013. Bathrooms are increasingly becoming places of relaxation and regeneration. The sensual experience of water and holistic health replaces mere functionality. The high-quality manufacturers from the Blue Responsibility Initiative know how to turn bathrooms into individual retreats.



Bathroom design through demographic change

Frankfurt am Main, 17th April 2013. Sustainability in the bathroom is not only manifested in water-saving technologies, environmentally friendly materials and resource-efficient production methods, it is also reflected in bathroom design and architecture. The German quality manufacturers of the Blue Responsibility initiative are taking on social responsibility by preparing for the demographic change with flexible solutions.



New information platform for bathroom design through demographic change

Frankfurt am Main, 21st March 2013. The Blue Responsibility initiative have placed their new internet service online in the framework of the ISH Frankfurt. The consumer friendly information platform provides useful information about bathroom design through demographic change. Each year, life expectancy of people in Germany rises by an average of three months. Compared to our grandparents, our lifetime has already in-creased by more than a third.



How the German sanitaryware industry is moving forward

Frankfurt am Main, 12th March 2013. Blue Responsibility, the initiative for sustainable sanitaryware solutions, issued some short statements for the start of ISH, the world's leading trade fair in this sector. The experts Rupprecht Kemper, Managing Director at Gebr. Kemper GmbH & Co. KG, Hartmut Dalheimer, Managing Director at Keuco GmbH & Co. KG and Dirk Lückemann, Managing Director at Schell GmbH & Co. KG presented the current issues underlying all brands and which are causing the German and European sanitaryware industries to move forward. The statements focused on the importance of drinking water quality, on bathroom design due to demographic change and on European water policy.


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