Bathroom 2.0

Behindertengerechtes Badezimmer

Digitalisation is advancing rapidly. This applies not only to work processes or entertainment media but also to our own homes. Many systems which used to be independent are now networked, turning our own homes into Smart Homes. Technology and digitalisation are increasingly arriving in bathrooms as well: A bathtub that can be remote controlled via

tablet, PC or smartphone, intelligent memory functions that store the preferences for each user or a mirror that is also a multimedia interface. At the same time the increasing technical development no only provides more hygiene and sustainability, it also significantly enhances ease of use, making the bathroom an independent living space. The bathroom welcomes its guest with comfortable warmth and dimmed light. At the press of a button the bath starts to fill with water at precisely 38.5 degrees Celsius and automatically stops at the ideal filling level. Soft music can be heard from the loudspeaker behind the mirror. A sound system provides the right atmosphere with your favourite music in the bathroom. Bathroom mirrors can do even more: An integrated TV box turns the mirror into a multimedia interface which can be loaded with corresponding apps. Information such as news, traffic information, weather or new emails are projected onto the bathroom mirror at the press of a button. Digital technologies with programmable choreographies work with varying water volumes and temperatures to turn showers into true havens of wellness. This is it – the bathroom 2.0.