Innovative bath solutions for recuperation

Frankfurt am Main, 16 December 2016 - In Germany the bathroom is increasingly becoming a place of relaxation and recuperation. A spa room in your own home increases the quality of life. When planning a bathroom its functionality is not the only focus, rather the wellness aspects and the smart design are also significant factors. The quality manufacturers of the Blue Responsibility initiative are acquainted with the spa mechanisms that promote health.

The pressures of the constant flood of information and the growing demands of professional life has led many people to give consideration to their own health, also in their own home. Your home is the one place where you can take a well-earned rest. The Romans knew the value of water therapy for sustainable physical and mental recuperation: "Sanus per aquam"; spa therapy strengthens the cardiovascular and immune system. Hydrotherapy also aids mental energy and stimulates the nervous system.
Treatments in the spa at home have their roots partly in the Kneipp tradition: Different types of water jet at varying temperatures can, for example, be set in a Dornbracht foot bath to stimulate the reflex zones in the feet. Various scenarios such as "Relax" and "Vitalize" can be programmed in the foot bath as an alternative therapy. Increasing the temperature releases tension in the leg muscles and soothes the circulation. Conversely other massage jets can be used to stimulate circulation and are ideally suited for use in the morning. A private spa can also be fitted in smaller bathrooms: Special application nozzles can be installed in the sink or in the shower. They stimulate the circulation of the underarms and legs using cold water.
The German sanitation industry has also developed sophisticated control systems to further promote the relaxing effect of water therapy. For example, the new fitting from Kludi that enables the water flow to be started and stopped at the push of a button without even having to look at it, offers convenience for the whole family. The mechanical operating buttons of the fitting are slightly enlarged and audibly engage when switched. How the buttons are assigned, for example connected to side nozzles or an overhead shower rose, is decided during installation. The water temperature is pre-selected separately at the thermostat control. "Each member of the family can individually set their favourite showering temperature", commented Christoph Reiß of Kludi. This avoids unnecessary water and energy consumption.

Holistic shower and bathing experiences for health and beauty
A horizontal shower offers the perfect time-out from everyday stress. Dornbracht has developed a system that makes a visit to the spa centre unnecessary: It provides a relaxing water massage whilst lying down. The horizontal shower combines six water tubes that are set into a shower distribution field above a reclining surface, which release the water without pressure. The effect is similar to a lukewarm summer shower. Various different types of jet can be combined into pre-programmed choreographies of water temperature and volume. "We have noticed that people are increasingly retreating into their ‘private spa’ to focus their personal needs: Revitalization, stress reduction, recuperation", said Inga Liesenjohann from Dornbracht.

One relaxing experience that also has a cosmetic effect on the skin is offered by a bathtub system from Kaldewei in which micro-fine air bubbles are introduced into the bath water to enrich it with natural oxygen. The production of skin cells is stimulated, the skin thoroughly cleaned, circulation stimulated and wrinkles appear smoother. After a timeout in the home spa the skin feels younger and softer. "A subtle nozzle is inserted flush into the side wall and functions particularly quietly. The fine air bubbles are 100 times smaller than in whirlpool baths and boost the oxygen content of the water", explained Marcus Möllers from Kaldewei.

Greater comfort in the bathroom
For the best spa feeling it is becoming increasingly important for utensils to be neatly stored away, materials and design to be in harmony and the lighting matched to the overall effect. One example of this are the white-finished fittings from Kludi that are coated with a high-quality polyurethane powder, resulting in a radiant, pure white home spa right down to the fittings. "Just as the kitchens have become increasingly more homely and welcoming over the last few years, bathrooms too are becoming increasingly cosy: This is true for both compact bathrooms and large spa oases", says Christoph Reiß from Kludi.

Perfect toilet hygiene free from odours
The migration of the bathroom to a living and relaxation area has resulted in increased demands on the technical solutions for maintaining health and recuperation. “An acceptance by home owners for investments in this technology increases as the comfort and pleasure aspects of health care become established", explained Volker Röttger of Geberit. Comfortable and odourless WCs make an important contribution to a pleasant atmosphere. Mepa have developed an innovative WC vanity wall element with an extractor system similar to a cooker hood that prevents odours from spreading. An integrated radial fan extracts odours as they arise when flushing. Geberit uses an integrated activated carbon filter which neutralizes odours in the WC without requiring a major installation effort and which is also suitable for retrofitting.
With their innovative shower WC design inspired by toilets in Asia Geberit have used a hygienic washing system that uses a body-temperature water jet. The beneficial effect of water is then also used in the WC.

Holistic health as an aspect of social sustainability
The increasing awareness concerning the careful use of resources has brought about a growing demand for solutions that reconcile ecological, economic and social concerns. "In a home spa the water actively promotes the recuperation of the human body. This is socially sustainable as the beneficial effect contributes to healthy living", summed up Wolfgang Burchard, spokesman for Blue Responsibility. Furthermore, the efficient spa products of the German sanitation industry adapt flexibly to people’s needs and ensure personal comfort.

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