Ergonomics and safety in the bathroom

User requirements and sustainability in focus in the German sanitation industry

Ergonomics and safety play an important role, ensuring that people remain health and feel good. In particular, with regard to demographic changes, the matter is taking on greater relevance – including in the bathroom. The German sanitary industry offers a myriad of solutions that ensure that the bathroom can be used safely and comfortably at any time of life.

The aim of ergonomics is to reduce the impact on health as much as possible, and to help people in their everyday lives. This philosophy has been part of bathroom design for a long time now. The reasons for this are, first of all, the rise in life expectancy and greater awareness of health matters. It's not just older people who are concerned by ergonomic and safe bathrooms: children and young adults can benefit from it, too. Safety and ergonomics are, therefore, firmly anchored in the ideas and product development of the German sanitary industry.

The following also applies for bathrooms: Safety first

Without edges in the way floor level showers from Geberit, Mepa and Viega offer spacious areas for moving around that are free from trip hazards. Just small changes such as seats, rail systems or handles by Keuco create tangible safety benefits. This also applies to non-slip surfaces such as the almost invisible surface coating for shower areas by Kaldewei or the artificial resin coating by Ideal Standard. Digital features also increase convenience and safety: Integrated hot water limits and electronic operating panels ensure effective scald protection and also stop the flow of water at the required height of fall.

Ergonomic solutions for all times of life

In terms of user-friendliness and ergonomics, tall people or those with back problems, for example, benefit from adjustable WC installation elements. It's possible using the toilet assembly elements by Mepa to adjust the height of the toilet, even after installation. At Viega, the WC element can even be adjusted to the desired height by the user at the press of a button.

Form follows on from use

Apart from an appealing product design, sanitary product manufacturers are taking their lead from the Blue Responsibility initiative, in particular with regard to user-friendly, safe and healthy solutions. "It's important to find a middle way that combines these features, and offers added value for people at all stages of life," explains Wolfgang Burchard, spokesperson from Blue Responsibility. 

Katja Zimmermann from Keuco adds: "Good product design has always aimed to achieve optimum use. The products should be visually pleasing, but function regardless of age and physical constitution." The products from the German sanitary industry have therefore been designed so that they meet these requirements as effectively as possible. Special solutions round off the range. "Safety and health consciousness are values that place quality of life at the centre. Attractive, timeless bathrooms are also long-lasting. They can be used by all generations, since they will continue to meet people's requirement for many years to come. People can benefit from ergonomic solutions right from a young age. At the same time, they are an investment in the future," say Burchard to sum up.

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About Blue Responsibility:

Blue Responsibility – Sustainable Sanitary Solutions is an initiative started by the VDMA German Valve Manufacturers Association and the IndustrieForum Sanitär (IFS) in 2009. Under their umbrella, leading companies in the German sanitation industry are providing information on technical solutions that enable the sustainable use of water resources. 17 brand manufacturers are currently behind Blue Responsibility – Sustainable Sanitary Solutions: Burgbad, Dornbracht, Franke Aquarotter, Geberit, Honeywell, Ideal Standard, Kaldewei, Kemper, Keramag, Keuco, Kludi, Mepa, Neoperl, Oventrop, Sasserath, Schell and Viega. Find out more at


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