The bathroom – a feel-good place for body and mind

Stylish and functional

The trends towards individualisation and an increasing awareness of health require innovative and holistic bathroom concepts combining an attractive product design and intuitive functionality. It is only this seamless combination that creates a pleasant feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom. The quality manufacturers involved in the Blue Responsibility initiative offer a wide range of sustainable product solutions that optimise user-friendliness and benefit the bathroom design.

Statistics show that people spend around three years of their life in the bathroom. Mind and body are increasingly in harmony with one another as part of the mega trend towards health and increasing body consciousness. A great deal of significance is also attached to the feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom. According to a study by Geberit in cooperation with the Future Institute, 70 percent of people want to relax in the bathroom. 53 percent read and listen to music, while 26 percent chat on the phone and 24 percent have sex here. The feel-good factor of the bathroom is therefore becoming increasingly important. But up until now,many places have been lacking aesthetic and functional bathroom concepts that are geared towards the changing needs of users and can be used universally.

Long-term planning

A bathroom has an average lifetime of 20 years and is generally used by several generations. A survey conducted by the Society for Consumer Research (GfK) showed that unrestricted use of the bathroom in old age is particularly important to 81 of the 100 respondents. This is then followed by the feel-good factor (76 %) and storage space and tidiness (68 %). The bathroom should be practical for children and older people for the purpose of a multi-generational bathroom.

The German sanitation manufacturers achieve long-term and sustainable use with high-quality materials and product solutions that have a high consumer benefit and still appeal even after many years. “Wash basins made of the robust and easy-to-clean mineral material Varicor are, for example, durable and can be moulded into any shape”, states Volker Röttger from Keramag. “This embraces the aesthetics and functionality.” A special glaze can offer extra protection as it boasts a pore-free and extremely smooth surface with a perfect, long-lasting lustre. Dirt and bacteria rarely adhere to it, thus significantly reducing the amount of cleaning needed. Also materials made of glass and stainless steel, like those used by Mepa or Ideal Standard, not only look stylish but are also easy to clean and durable.

Sanitary solutions - flexible and individual

The increasing demand for flexibility – because of a move, an addition to the family or redecorations – requires flexible bathroom furniture systems. Burgbad has therefore developed an adaptive system that grows with the user. This consists of one or more suitable modules that can take on different functions: as a vanity unit, storage unit, shower panel or accessories module. It fits perfectly with the trend towards individualisation because the components can always be rearranged and extended at any time. A fitting from Dornbracht also offers a contemporary response to the individualisation trend: available in different versions – with a choice of smooth or textured handles - it combines functionality and design. Its innovative type of jet consists of 40 soft individual jets: “With a flow rate of just 3.9 litres per minute we promote sustainable water consumption despite the comfort and convenience”, explains Inga Liesenjohann from Dornbracht. Keuco developed a bathroom furnishing concept together with Team 7 with furniture made of natural wood that combines the aesthetic design and practical functionality for the holistic relaxation of the body, mind and soul. “Every piece is unique”, explains Katja Zimmermann from Keuco. “Individual bathrooms can be designed flexibly with single or double wash basin solutions, with built-in or counter top wash basins, sideboards, tall cabinets and seats.” The chrome fittings and accessories from Keuco form a harmonious contrast to the solid wood furniture.