Functionality and aesthetics

Good design does not just look good, it also has to function properly. At the same time, design always has to be geared to people and their different needs. It is therefore primarily practically oriented. It serves people. In many cases the sole focus was on appearance, on the outside. Modern bathroom design centres around the inner values, the functionality. The design is intended to be universally usable for a variety of people of different ages and with individual abilities. Nevertheless design should also stir up emotions, because visual quality means quality of life. The users should enjoy using their bathroom, for a long time to come. Good design is (multi)functional, timeless and of lasting emotional value. It underlines the character of the product and the style of the user.

The German sanitaryware industry feel a special commitment to this concept. With an effective design language they repeatedly succeed in creating supporting functions with a captivating design, often only revealing their function on second glance. They bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics.